Regardless of what you're facing in your day to day relationships, your parenting, or your personal life, you are welcome to this safe space.


Maybe you are feeling...


● Overwhelmed from juggling the needs of family home, work, friends

● Tapped out, touched out and in need of some vital self care and renewal

● Tired of the yelling and time outs and want to stay away from spanking

● Done with the disconnection and distance in your relationship

● Alone, isolated and in deep need of some support and someone to really listen


Make yourself at home


You are the expert, and I want to get you the tools, resources and support to:

● Step fully into the power of the present moment.

● Get the tools, resources, community and care you need

● Heal, rejuvenate, connect, relax…whatever helps you and your family feel whole

● Experience the best You you can be, as a parent or a partner or a person

● Create A Living Family, a connected and thriving family in your heart and home

I am:

I am a relationship, parenting and life coach specializing in co-parenting, birth, and mindful self care. I do workshops and 1-on-1 coaching as well as Birth Story Listening and Birth Art Process. The real focus and thread through all of my work is helping people cultivate a thriving self and life by nurturing connection, presence and peace.


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Welcome to A Living Family